Kind Words...

"I love everything about the Island Tumblers. Since I’ve added them to our kitchen cupboards, they’ve become my whole family’s favorite glasses. The color is beautiful; the shape is unique; they’re the perfect size and weight in your hand; and it feels good knowing you’re using recycled glass."

"I purchased several of the candles because I fell in love with the scents and it was too hard to choose between them. I’ve enjoyed all of them, especially at bath time, as it’s like turning your bathroom into your personal spa with their soft glow and wonderful scents. Fig Tree [E Komo Mai] and Vanilla Bean [Ka Nui] are two of my favorites."

-Susan McIntire, Author / Business Owner, Oahu, Hawaii


"I love the coconut candle [Hawaiian Sunset] in my studio especially. It's an inspiring scent. I'm usually a scent-free person, the fact that they're all natural and made with soy wax means I can enjoy a beautifully scented room without the worry.

I also like the packaging, I can put the candle out with the lid so the last thing I smell before going to bed isn't smoke. The coconut scent floating around my studio puts me in the mood to create and it makes the most mundane, rainy day a little brighter."

-Christie Shinn, Shinn Studio, Artist / Designer North Shore, Oahu

 "I love my North Shore Candles, especially the wonderful choices of scents and the fragrances they give off. Great gifts. Shop early for the holidays!"

-Lucille Nardella Homcy, Retired Teacher, North Palm Beach, Florida 

"I would love to tell everyone how excellent North Shore Candle Co. is , first off they are made out of 100% pure soy which is safe for the home, animals & children.  The 2nd best part is the recycling that is involved.  The wine bottles are repurposed as candle vessels for the amazing island scents captured inside. They remind you of all the beautiful treasures the island has to offer all tucked into this amazing candle!  You can also enjoy them on the go in a travel tin. Whether you are going to pack up and fly to another island or take a trip to the mainland your lil travel tin is right there to pick up and take with you.   The recycled glass is helping the earth and the candles are clean burning and healthy for everyone is your family. If you haven't tried North Shore Candle Company I suggest giving  a travel tin a try you will fall in love!"  

- Randelynn Scott, stay-at-home-mom, Huntington Beach, CA

 "I came home and started unpacking by the fire and  lit my Passion Fruit Guava soy candle.  It's easing my way back into real life.  It smells beautiful & I can't wait to share it with my friends."
-Natalie Murphy, Clothing Designer, Port Angeles, WA  
"I love my North Shore candles! Kelli has put together such a wonderful array of natural fragrances to fit your mood. The candles burn clean and the scent stays true to the end. Pu'alani, with lemongrass, patchouli, and lime is one of my favorites!"
  -Diane Brewer, Teacher, Delray Beach, FL

"I purchased (2) one year subscriptions as gifts for Christmas as well as two other candles. Everybody praised how awesome they were and I love your company. We spoke once on the phone and you were nothing but pleasant and helpful. I just ordered four more candles cause I can’t seem to get enough of them. I hope this email finds you well and makes you smile. Congratulations on a wonderful company."
-Payton Preston, Marine Corps
"I am in love with your oils you nailed it!!!!!!!"
-Beth McCarthy San Mateo, CA

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing candles.  My sister lived on Oahu for 20 years and only last year moved back to the mainland.  I used to visit her every year before Christmas- my favorite vacation! 

I discovered your candles at Red Bamboo in Kailua about 4 years ago and every year would buy my yearly stash- only burning them on special occasions.... now that I am homebound during the Covid-19 Crisis- I burn two every day to create a relaxing and calming environment that reminds me of my time in Hawaii!

Thank you for contributing to my peaceful state of mind and selling them online! 
-Michelle Kerr Sedona, AZ