Island Tumblers

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Island Tumblers
Our Island Tumblers are sourced from local restaurants here on the North Shore.  At our NS Studio we cut the bottles then go through a series of grinding & beveling the edges for a smooth to the touch finish. There are similarities in each piece of glassware, although no one is identical making it fun to pick out a special color or an eclectic set. Buy them in sets of 4, or one at a time. 
-Dishwasher safe & lip friendly.
-Tumblers are 3.5" tall and hold up to 12 ozs. 
-BYOB Bring Your Own Bottles; A special Anniversary bottle, small batch bottles etc.
-Custom orders welcome, please email special requests and I will respond promptly.

Shipping Rates

$10.95 for orders up to $50

$15 for orders up to $100

Free Shipping for any retail orders over $100!
$ 36.00